Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Elisa and I am the face, or should I say fingers, behind The Skanky Stomach. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and my background is South Korean. If you know a Korean or if you are one, you would know that food plays an essential role in our culture. All of my favourite memories include sharing great meals with the people I love. I’m pretty sure I even wrote down ‘eating’ as my number one hobby in kindergarten. Enough said.

How did it start?

The Skanky Stomach was simply created from my passion of visiting restaurants, bars, eating delicious cuisines and taking photos of each place. In no way do I have a special certificate stating my right to judge and rate places like an absolute boss (even though that idea does sound tempting), this space is solely my opinion.
I confess I am a bit of an Instagram addict and after a couple of hundred posts of food (no joke) I thought, ‘why not share my experiences with fellow food enthusiasts?’. After long hours of tackling the e-world, figuring out exactly what a website domain is and going through hundreds and hundreds of different types of fonts just for my title, The Skanky Stomach was created.

The Skanky Stomach is a space where you can come to when you’re trying to plan your last minute Tuesday date-night. Or a place you can search for late night dessert spots (which coincidentally happens to me every week). Trust me, it will save you more time rather than Googling ‘best late night dessert spots’ and it will bring you one step closer to tasting that scrumptious chocolate soufflé.

The Skanky Stomach will continue to wander to exciting and exquisite places and I invite you to hop on this delicious train ride. After all, everything tastes better when it’s shared (and when you’re having it with wine).

I promise I’ll try to be honest wherever I go and I hope that each place inspires you to go out and try it first hand. I mean, what would the point of this blog be if you didn’t go out and try it yourself?

So fellows. Grab onto your fork, knives and spoons and get ready to be seriously hungry.


Much love,

Elisa x