Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole and get lost in the world of Chaco Bar

 If you like intimate spaces with dim lighting and Japanese yakitori, allow me to introduce your next dining destination, Chaco Bar. Smuggled in between the residential houses of Darlinghurst, one could easily walk past it without a second thought. But once inside you’re transported to Tokyo.

From the Kanji written on the walls, to the napkins that have been cut to resemble flags and the smallest kitchen you could ever see, the interior game is strong at Chaco Bar. Here they serve ramen during lunch hours and from dinner they only serve yakitori. Slightly unware of the fact that ramen was only available during lunch, my friend and I ordered the following to start our dinner feast:

Black Cod
Chef’s 6 skewers – which included pork belly, thigh, crackling, wings lamb, heart
Today’s Rice (special rice that changes daily)
Mango with cream

First to arrive was the gyoza and it ticked all the boxes. It was substantial in size, plump and full of meat, sizzling hot (what person likes lukewarm gyoza? Gross) and it was served in a cute frying pan. Taste and presentation were all a success.


Of course no Japanese night is complete without a good ol’ beer and I chose the Hitachino ‘Extra high’ which was on the bitter side but still delicious. If beer is not your thing, then you’re invited to quench your thirst to other alcoholic drinks such as yuzu wine, junmai, whiskey, cocktails the list literally goes on.

The skewers were next to arrive and although it would have been easier if they had been served all at once rather than one skewer at a time, it still tasted great. Each skewer had strong flavours and you could taste the char-grill delightfulness.

Chef’s Skewers

Chicken thigh – part of the Chef’s skewers

Next up was the black cod which was a unique dish that carried some funky flavours. There was a mixture of blue cheese in the miso sauce which gave it an undeniably strong taste. Blue cheese not being my favourite ingredient, this dish wasn’t really my cup of tea. But the fish itself was cooked nicely and I would have much preferred to have it without the sauce. The mango dessert was quite standard as it didn’t taste bad nor was it absolutely amazing.

Black Cod

Special rice of the day

Mango with cream

What stood out for me were the yakitori but also the energetic vibe the team managed to create in a small space. Chaco Bar is the kind of place you want to hang out all night and not feel overwhelmed by the pricey bill.

Cosy, quaint and absolutely hipster, let Chaco Bar take care of you because these guys definitely know what they’re doing.

P.S Bookings are highly recommended!

The Skanky Stomach Says: ♥♥♥½
Location: 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Contact: (02) 9007-8352
When To Go: Mon / 5.30-9pm / Wed-Sat / 11:30-2:30pm (lunch) / Tues- Sat / 5:30-10.30pm
Great For: casual dinner, yakitori and sake