Feeling a little adventurous and want to try something new? Put a funky middle eastern twist on your regular sushi train and you have, MediTrainean.

Going for a bite at a sushi train isn’t too fancy or super exciting. But what if I asked you to join me at MediTrainean? Now I’ve got your attention.
MediTrainean is a family owned restaurant that serves a variety of Mediterranean tapas via a cute train. As well as the train there are hot food options available which are made to order. The restaurant has a casual and relaxed environment and the choice of white and blue interior sort of makes you feel like you’re dining in the Greek Islands (sort of).
From the train, my friend and I picked the following:

Chickpea blended with tahini, garlic, lemon and olive oil dip
Crab and zucchini fritters
Grilled eggplant cigars with baked ricotta, olives, sundried tomatoes and pine nuts

These cold dishes were fairly straight forward. However, the choice to combine ricotta and eggplant was quite interesting as I had never tried this combination before. The crab and zucchini fritters was probably my least favourite dish of the night as it tasted a bit like Korean pancakes gone wrong.

Flatbread, chickpea dip, crab & zucchini fritters & eggplant

The made to order dishes were the highlight of the night.
We ordered the following:

Slow cooked pork belly with caramelised apple and pomegranate relish
Garlic potatoes with parsley, lemon, olive oil, capers and chilli topped with crumbled feta
Meatballs napolitana
Chicken skewers grilled with garlic, lemon, sumac and olive oil
King prawns marinated with lime, chilli, garlic and olive oil
Scallops with tomato, onion, coriander, lime and olive oil salsa

Portions were not that extremely big so we found ourselves ordering quite a bit.
My favourite dish was the pork belly. It was soft, tender and went perfectly well with the caramelised apple and pomegranate relish. Also, the skin was crisp and crunchy which is a must when having pork belly.

Pork belly

The meatballs weren’t too far behind on the tasty meter as it was fresh and full of flavour. Reminding you of your childhood years when all you ordered were meatballs and spaghetti, this dish was satisfying and tasty.


Moving on, the king prawns provided a great balance between the meat dishes. Drizzled with a bit of lemon, the prawns had been well marinated with the mixture of lime, chilli and garlic highlighting the freshness of the prawn.

King prawns

The chicken skewers were mildly spicy and tangy from the lemon. Tender and easy to eat, the spiciness provided

The scallops and potatoes were both tasty but for me didn’t give much ‘wow’ factor. The scallops were fresh but tasted a little bland and the potatoes could have used a pinch of salt.


After stuffing ourselves, my friend and I realised that we had ordered more dishes from the made to order section rather than from the train. Points awarded for creativity but when it comes to taste, no funky train can beat heart-warming dishes made right on the spot.

If you’re all about trying something new, then this place should be on your ‘to-go’ list for 2017.
Chill out and enjoy a relaxing meal at MediTranean and don’t forget to order a glass of rosé.

Simple and organic interior

The Skanky Stomach Says: ♥♥♥
Location: 55 Alexander St, Crows Nest, Sydney
Contact: 8970-1521
When To Go: Tues-Sun / 12pm- 3pm & 5.30pm- 10pm
Great For: casual group dinners, trying Mediterranean food in a funky new way, chill date-night