Yes, just by this glorious photo of the Chia Pudding, you know that the presentation at The Usual Cafe is going to be totally on point.

On a very windy afternoon, I ventured out to try this new local cafe in Cabramatta. In a street full of Vietnamese restaurants this cafe was a little tricky to find as it was located on the corner at the end of an alley-way-ish like street. Walking in, I automatically felt an organic vibe. The walls painted white and pot plants scattered around, I’m ready to get in to my zone and enjoy a great meal.


I had heard about their famous The Stax hotcakes and were looking forward to try these but unfortunately they were already sold out by the time I got there. *Note to self: arrive before 2pm* So, instead I ordered the Sicilian Baked Eggs and the Chia Pudding and my usual extra hot cappuccino with half sugar. You would not believe the amount of crap, (excuse my French), I have received from my friends in the past for being such a difficult coffee drinker. Oh well, too bad.

As I waited for my meal, I sipped on my extra hot cappuccino with half sugar and was delighted to find that the milk in my coffee was not burnt, which is always a huge relief when ordering your coffee extra hot. It wasn’t the most amazing cappuccino I have ever tasted, but it did the job. It was hot, not burnt and it gave me the afternoon jolt I needed.

The Sicilian Baked Eggs arrived and oh boy, it certainly looked the part. Served in a frying pan, (who doesn’t like their food served in a pan) and accompanied by a serving of sourdough, I was ready to get baked.
Cutting into the egg, the yolk started oozing out and from my very minimal knowledge of cooking I believe that is the exact way baked eggs should be served. It’s quite difficult to find the right combination of flavours when cooking baked eggs and most places are a bit too generous with their salt which then makes you chug down water like a cow stranded in the middle of the Sahara desert. But these eggs were cooked with the right amount of salt and were utterly delicious. The sourdough was crunchy, not soggy and tasted scrumptious when scraping the remaining sauce in the pan. The small pieces of mozzarella hidden in the sauce took this dish to another level and by the end of it, I was pretty much in baked eggs heaven.

When I thought things couldn’t get any better, the Chia Pudding proved me wrong.
This was literally summer in a cup. The presentation itself was worth my money. The vibrant colour of the raspberry, the fresh flowers delicately placed on the very top and the sprinkle of coconut all complimented each other. I mean, who doesn’t like seeing every single layer of their pudding? Although getting to the chia, which was the very bottom layer , was a bit of struggle due to the generous amount of raspberry, the crunchiness of the muesli perfectly balanced out the other soft textures. This pudding was fresh and would be my ideal kind of snack on a summer afternoon.

To top off my experience, the staff were completely down to earth and even offered me their free Wifi even before I asked. God Bless them. Nothing better than being in an environment where the team are passionate about their food and just seem straight out cool.

For a cafe that projects themselves to be just ‘another usual cafe’, they take the same old menu that we see everyday but deliver it with perfection. I left feeling completely satisfied and more than anything else, I was already planning my next visit.

Hungry for more, The Usual Cafe proves that an “ordinary cafe” can just as well serve some extraordinarily good food. I’ll definitely be back to try those hotcakes.

The Usual Cafe

Baked Eggs

coffee edited              Chia Pudding

The Skanky Stomach xx

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Location: Shop 8, 46 Hill Street, Cabramatta
When To Go: Mon – Fri / 7am – 4pm (get there early before they run out of hotcakes!) / Sat – Sun / 8am – 3pm
Great For: Catching up with your girlfriends over brunch, or take your laptop and sit on the long communal bench