Enjoy a bowl of hot noodles at Surry Hills’s latest stylish restaurant, Salaryman.

Always on the search for the best noodles in town, I didn’t hesitate to visit the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Salaryman, that had ramen on their menu. Having opened their doors just 7 months ago, there was no sign of amateur service or quality of food. It was clear that these guys had a strong game plan and knew their stuff.

A one level dining area with an open kitchen to one side and a bar on the other, the urban wall paintings and the hard to miss neon ‘x’ hung on the wall makes you feel like you’ve just walked in to a trendy Japanese club where you know their cocktails are going to be insanely tasty. Not only do they do cocktails, but they go beyond to serve wine, sake, tap beer and whiskey. Their dishes designed for sharing, includes raw fish, fried buns, charcoal vegetables, meats and of course, noodles.


I was recommended the spicy tuna tartare with crisp sushi rice as an appetiser and because I was really there for the noodles, I ordered the pork & double garlic noodles.

The spicy tuna was served, and the balls of crisp rice reminded me more of loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) rather than balls of rice. The tuna on its own was soft, smooth, bursting with flavour and there was an element of difference from the small bits of fish roe popping in your mouth. The flavour of the tuna was quite strong, so I would only recommend ordering this dish if your stomach can handle raw fish. Having the tuna with the rice ball was an interesting and clever combination as the rice balanced out the saltiness of the tuna. Much more filling than it looked, I was satisfied and ready to move on.


Now the noodles. Before anything else, I would like to take a moment to mention the level of perfection that was achieved from the presentation. From the pork belly to the enoki mushroom, you could see that each element was placed with utter precision and care. The noodle was a thin egg noodle and it is was cooked to a medium hardness. It was a little less soupy than I had imagined but nevertheless, the broth was smooth and not so salty. What felt like a bowl full of surprises, the pork belly was soft and tender and the variety of elements in the dish made up for the small amount broth.


Get ready to switch your bloody mary for a bloody geisha, as Salaryman will be soon opening on Sunday’s for brunch, but of course with a Japanese twist. Slowly making its way on to Sydney’s food radar, I’m excited to see how creative these guys can be and what else they have up in their sleeves.


The Skanky Stomach xxx

Location: 52-54 Albion Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
When To Go: Mon-Tues / 5.30pm -1opm / Wed – Fri / 12-2.3opm & 5.30- 10pm / Sat / 5.30-10pm
Great For: casual yet trendy lunch, noodles, cocktails