An Italian bistro that has handsome Italian waiters serving you mouth-watering pizza. Presenting to you, Pizza Pasta Bene

On a very rainy and dark night in Sydney, our family ventured to a bistro styled Italian restaurant to celebrate my cousin’s 25th birthday. Pizza Pasta Bene is the exact place you want to be on a cold winter’s night when your stomach is nagging you for some warm comfort food. Cosy enough to create a homey atmosphere, it is also spacious enough to cater for larger groups.

Pizza Pasta Bene

Pizza Pasta Bene

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Moving on to the food. Each one of us ordered a main to ourselves and shared a salad.
We ordered the following:

Rocket salad
Chicken parmigiana
Gamberi pizza (prawn pizza)
Risotto alla peaton (risotto with chicken)
Penne bolognese
The pasta special, tagliatelle alle vongole (spaghetti with clams in an oil, garlic, parsley and white wine sauce)

It was a full house that night and I was particularly impressed with how efficient and quick the waiters were with our orders. Mind you, their good looks didn’t hurt either. Our food was served, our table became crowded and we munched away happily.

I’m not the biggest fan of chicken parmigiana but this dish took me by surprise and was delicious. I was told that some restaurants tend to over fry the chicken in breadcrumbs to make a smaller piece of meat appear fatter and juicer, but this particular one was not over-fried and there was a decent sized piece of chicken lying underneath. The chicken wasn’t tough or too chewy and tasted beautifully with the side of veggies.
Not everything can be rainbows and flowers, and to my little disappointment the penne bolognese and tagliatelle alle vongole were both a little bland and lacked a bit of seasoning. Maybe it was because my tastebuds are accustomed to the westernised version of pasta, but I found myself pouring half the bottle of salt in to my dish to give it some more flavour.

Pizza Pasta Bene

Pene bolognese

On a brighter note, the risotto alla peaton was probably the tastiest risotto I have ever tried. I rarely order risotto so I wasn’t confident in judging whether it was good or bad, but my judgement was confirmed when my risotto obsessed younger cousin, Caroline, gave me the nod of approval. The chicken was soft, tender and wasn’t too creamy. If there was a risotto heaven, that was it.

Pizza Pasta Bene

Risotto alla peaton

The chicken was tasty, the risotto was delicious but the gamberi pizza was the star of the night. Giving it the title of favourite dish of the night, it was clear that pizza was this restaurants speciality. The base of the pizza was thin, crispy and you could taste the flavour from the wood fire oven. The toppings of the prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes and chilli were all bursting with flavour making it seem extremely fresh and worth every cent of my money.

Pizza Pasta Bene

Gamberi pizza

Dessert followed and we ordered some gelato and tiramisu. Who else makes better tiramisu than Italians? There was the right amount of chocolate and coffee and I’m pretty sure I demolished it on my own.

Pizza Pasta Bene

One of my favourite desserts – Tiramisu

Whether you’re planning a casual catch up with your friends or craving some delicious pizza, Pizza Pasta Bene may be your place to go.
Oh, did I also mention that they do home delivery?
Excuse me, gotta go and make a phone call.

The Skanky Stomach xxx

Location: 196 Miller Street, North Sydney
When To Go: Mon-Fri / 11:45am-3pm & 6pm-9pm / Sat-Sun / 6pm-9:30pm
Great For: authentic Italian food, amazing food, casual catchup with friends