I would like to introduce to you my favourite place to go when I’m craving a big bowl of hot pho,
Pho Toan Thang

Whenever it begins to rain, or when I’m feeling not so hot and I want some comfort food, I go and eat a bowl of pho. The hot soup with a bit of chili always warms my stomach and has helped me on a number of occasions recover from a hangover. After having my fair share of pho, my cousin, James, took me to this particular pho restaurant in Flemington. In a small alleyway, there stood Pho Toan Thang.

Pho Toan Thang is a more casual and homey restaurant rather than a five star dining experience. The service is quick, it’s always packed and you’re most likely to be eating at a communal table with 5 other people.


I always order the rare beef noodle soup, the beef isn’t served completely rare so don’t be afraid to order this one. And as a side dish, I order the spring rolls.
The noodle soup isn’t covered in oil and you can really taste the beef flavour. The noodles are your thick, flat noodles, just the way I like it, and are cooked to the right degree. The hot soup immediately warms your stomach and your nose will probably becoming extremely runny after a few minutes.
The spring rolls are probably the best spring rolls I’ve tasted. I know that’s a big call to make considering I haven’t tried every spring roll in the Oceanic region, but this one comes pretty damn close. It’s crunchy, filled with meat and not ridiculously small. Once dipped in the fish sauce, it’s game over (I’m actually salivating whilst writing this).
So as you can see, this place is clearly my favourite because they are always consistent with the taste and quality of their food and because it’s just straight out yummy.

I call upon all pho lovers to go and check this place out and I hope you come out feeling hot, sweaty and completely satisfied.


The Skanky Stomach xxx

P.S. They don’t accept cards so make sure you cash out before you visit!

Location: Shop 9, 90-95 The Cresent, Homebush West, Sydney
When To Go: Mon-Sun / 9am- 8pm
Great For: hot pho and the best spring rolls