Prepare your eyes for an ultra colourful feast.
For presentation is no joke at The Local Mbassy.

 On a corner in Ultimo, sits an urban cafe called The Local Mbassy.
These guys in a nutshell are famous for their decadent and extremely colourful dishes, where they prove that every single colour of the rainbow can be plated up on a dish.

A surprisingly small space, with no empty tables in sight, there is a constant flow in customers. Excited to see what these guys had up their sleeves, to start off my experience I ordered my extra hot cappuccino with half sugar. They were using Campos Coffee beans, and if you’re Australian you would know that Campos Coffee is pretty much Australia’s largest coffee roaster. If you ask any coffee drinker if they know Campos you’ll most likely get a ‘yes’ (if not, then they’re lying about liking coffee and you can stop buying them coffee every morning).
I personally find that Campos Coffee beans are quite strong in flavour and not to my surprise I found that my cappuccino was a little bitter. Honestly, it wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever tasted but the milk wasn’t burnt so I was satisfied. My friend was suggested the taro latte. It was a vibrant purple, looked very pretty but unfortunately tasted extremely sweet. When I say sweet, I mean very sweet. I took a few sips and I couldn’t drink it anymore, neither could my friend, so I felt a bit bad when the waitress had to take it away barely touched.

For the meals, we ordered the full english breakfast and the double baked wagyu beef burger.
I think now would be the appropriate time to say that I am obsessed with burgers. I didn’t realise this obsession until I started noticing that wherever I went, without fail, I would order the burger option. My mum and sister both love burgers too so I’m going to say that it’s in our genes.

The full english breakfast had everything you wanted to see on a big breakfast dish. Eggs, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms and toast, this was a decent size and it was guaranteed to fill you up.
The beef burger was also good in size and you gotta love a place that gives you a super big knife to cut your burger. There was tomato relish inside the burger and perhaps it was because I still had remnants of the taro latte in my mouth, but the tomato chutney was a little on the sweet side. But aside from the sauce, the beef was cooked perfectly, it wasn’t tough, the cheese inside was stringy and it was delightful to eat.

For dessert, we ordered the red velvet pancakes. I had seen a few photos of these pancakes on their Instagram and was excited to try it first hand. When it arrived, it was certainly pleasant to the eye. The way it was stacked made it look like a strawberry Christmas tree with the blob of cinnamon cream. This was definitely a feast for the eyes. How did it taste? To my slight disappointment these pancakes didn’t taste as nice as it looked. It wasn’t sweet but rather tasted a little bland, and it was a tad too doughy with not enough fluff. All the elements on the plate were warm and it made me secretly wish they served a scoop of ice-cream on the side.

If you’re a food lover, then I would say that The Local Massy is a place that you should try at least. Their beautifully presented food and their attention to detail is most likely going to make all of your Instagram friends jealous. Even though their food may not be the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted, if it looks good and you don’t need to use 100 filters on vscocam, then who’s complaining?

 The Local Massy

The Local Mbassy

The local mbassy

The local mbassy

The Skanky Stomach xxx

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Location: 310 Wattle Street, Ultimo, Sydney
When To Go: Mon-Fri / 7am-4.30pm / Sat / 8am- 4.30pm / Sun / 8.30am-4.30pm
Great For: an amazing Instagram pic, tasty burger, big breakfast