In the narrow streets of Alexandria, lies a friendly café that serves all-day breakfast (yes, our prayers have been answered) and where the coffee is on-point.
Meet Gerard on Gerard Street.

Wooden chairs, big windows and an open space kitchen, Meet Gerard, is honest with their food and draws in an impressive group of hungry eaters.
Their breakfast menu has everything that every breakfast lover wants to see, and for lunch they serve a solid mix of sandwiches and salads. As usual, I ordered my extra hot cappuccino with half sugar and my barista resembled more of a basketball player rather than your average hipster, beard-growing barista. Not going to lie, I was a tad sceptical of my tall barista’s skill and hoped that my milk wasn’t going to come out burnt. But oh boy, did I feel ashamed. My coffee was one of the smoothest and nicest coffees I had tasted in awhile. Biggest apologies to the barista!

The clock ticks to lunch time and the cafe quickly fills up. For lunch, I ordered the Best Roast Chicken Sandwich Ever’ (I kid you not, it was actually called that) because I wanted to see how remarkable it tasted. The sandwich was served alongside a massive piece of cucumber, which at first looked a little random, and looked decent in size. Not being the biggest fan of cheesy or oily sauces, I was a little worried that the herb aioli in the sandwich would be too rich but it turned out that it perfectly complimented the soft roast chicken. On top of this, the random piece of cucumber I had earlier mentioned was in fact no ordinary cucumber, but it was garnished like a pickle which nicely balanced out the creamy chicken. I’m a huge fan of pickles so that was a definite double plus from me.
Ahough they don’t offer the widest range of sweets, they still serve your standard sweets such as a chocolate brownie, flourless orange cake, cookies etc. you get the picture.

If you’re in the neighbourhood or looking for a solid sandwich fix, Meet Gerard may be the place to go. Simple yet delicious food and coffee, this cafe taught me to stop judging a book (or barista) by their cover and let the food do most of the talking.

Meet Gerard

Meet Gerard

Meet Gerard

The Skanky Stomach xxx

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Location: 54 Henderson Road, Alexandria, Sydney
When To Go: Mon-Sat / 7am-4pm (pretty sure the kitchen closes at 3pm)
Great For: Amazing coffee, sandwich fix, having ‘breakfast’ at 2pm