Want a glass of wine? Check.
Want to try an exotic cocktail? Check.
Want to kick off the party with absinthe? Check.
Introducing the bar that has everything, Papa Gede’s Bar.

My best friend, Ellen, and I first stumbled across Papa Gede’s Bar a few years ago on it’s first opening night. Located at the end of an extremely dodgy looking alleyway in the middle of Sydney CBD, we decided it was going to be our ‘go-to bar’. Fast forward a few years, and everything that I had loved about Papa Gede’s Bar was still there.

An intimate space with with sofas, chairs and bar table, the dim lighting sets a cosy atmosphere. It’s clear from the decorations that there is a strong voodoo theme. Imagine being at the Caribbean at night.

You can tell these guys don’t take their jobs lightly with a wide selections of cocktails, whiskey, wines and absinthe available. The quirky layout and captions on the menu make most of the cocktails look appealing but I stuck with my go-to drink, Pinot Noir, and this particular one was the 2013 Yealand Estate “Land Made” Pinot Noir for those folks that like to know the nitty gritty details. It was smooth, light, easy and overall like Christmas morning in a cup.

As I was sipping on my vino rosso, I couldn’t help but realise how extremely male dominated this bar was (where were all my ladies at?). Mostly men in suits, having a few beers with mates after work, it seemed like this bar was quickly transforming in to ‘the boy’s club’ with packs of male friends flooding through the doors like Anytime Fitness. It was impressive to see that even with the extreme amount of testosterone in the tiny space, the staff were quick to bring out drinks and made creating cocktails for a bunch of very eager (and loud), bucks party look like a piece of cake. In the midst of serving drinks, they also offered table service, which meant that you could avoid having to queue up alone for a good twenty minutes just to get one drink.

Finishing my wine a bit too quickly, I was recommended the Tiki Outlaw as my next drink. This cocktail was meant to be ‘a great mixture between sweet and sour’ (credit to the bartender) and that was exactly what was delivered when I took my first sip. Looking completely refreshing and alluring, this cocktail was neither too sweet or sour. The certain hint of spice at the end kept me guessing as to what was exactly mixed in this drink, but nevertheless, I felt like I was slowly being transported to an island in Bali.

Hidden from the bright lights of the CBD, Papa Gede’s Bar is both quirky and original when it comes to what they serve. Proving that small bars can be just as magnificent, I would certainly place this bar on the list of Sydney’s top small bars.
Now that you know that it exists, what are you waiting for? Call your mates and head in to town.
Trust me, Papa knows best.

Papa Gede's

Papa Gede's

Papa Gede's

Papa Gede's     Papa Gede's

The Skanky Stomach xxx

P.S. Don’t try downing the Tiki Outlaw. It will burn your throat and make you cry tears like Niagara Falls.

Location: 348 Kent Street, Sydney
When To Go: Mon-Fri / 4pm-12am / Sat / 5pm-12am
Great For: exotic new cocktails, having your dose of absinthe, feeling like you’re at a night party in the Caribbean.