Grab your Ray-Bans, order a coffee and put your phones away.
Avalon on the Beach invites you to breathe in the salty Australian air and switch your mind from Instagram mode to relax mode.

I’m a sucker for the beach.
I can’t wait for summer to come around and the idea of lying on the beach whilst watching the waves endlessly kiss the shore, that makes me happy.
I also love eating on the beach. I’m constantly typing in to Google ‘best beach cafes’ or ‘cafes on the water’. After long sessions of Googling later, I found Avalon on the Beach. Both restaurant and kiosk, this place caters for people wanting a more fine dining experience and for those that want to simply chill with coffee in one hand and watch suffers surf.

The kiosk is an open space with chairs facing the ocean and one could not be any closer to the water. If you were to step off the ledge, your feet would immedieatly start sinking in to the sand and then a few steps further your feet would start touching the water.

The menu at the kiosk isn’t mind-boggling amazing but serves your standard cafe bites such as a burger, fries, salads and sandwiches. I ordered the beef burger with fries (of course), and you could say it tasted like your regular beef burger. The fries were crunchy, tasted fresh and went extremely well with the coffee. My extra hot cappuccino with half sugar was hot, strong and did the job. Perhaps it tasted better because it was accompanied by the amazing view of Avalon Beach.

There’s something about looking out at the ocean that makes you feel relaxed, calm and at total peace. I personally find myself at the beach whenever I feel tired, stressed or when I just want to be alone.  Avalon on the Beach provides the combination of two of my favourite things; coffee and the ocean.

   As I sat with my very hot coffee watching surfers attempt to glide over the blue waters, I felt thankful to be able to call such a beautiful place home. The vastness of the ocean makes you realise how big the world is and how minuscule your problems are. It reminded me that sometimes all you need to do is stop, look out and appreciate the things that are standing right in front of you.

The next time you’re feeling like crap, when life isn’t going according to plan, or when your work is driving you mental, I invite you to this space of serenity.
Order a coffee, tea or even hot chocolate and allow yourself to simply do nothing.
After all, we all need a time-out moment where we stop running and just be.



Avalon on the beach

Avalon on the Beach

The Skanky Stomach xxx 

P.S. Try not to drop your fork in to the sand like I did.

Location: Avalon Beach, Sydney
When To Go: Wed-Sun / 7am-4pm
Great For: relaxing with a coffee, time-out session when life throws you a curveball, watching surfers surf