It’s always a struggle trying to find the perfect bar to go to for a date.
Fear not, Jangling Jack’s has just made your decision easier.

Imagine this. A cosy, warm lit bar with green lanterns hanging from the ceiling and to one side lies an impressive collection of liqueurs neatly displayed which is then met by what seems like one of the most carefully crafted bar tables in bar history.
Welcome to Jangling Jack’s.

You walk in to this bar and you’re immediately met with a classic vibe. Slightly old-fashioned, even the music is not from this decade. With the wide range of ‘old-fashioned bars’ popping up in Sydney, it’s progressively getting harder for bar owners to impress fancy Sydney siders (me included) where a lot of us feel like we’ve seen this or done that.
But it’s the simplicity at Jangling Jack’s that I say is worth your Friday night.

Firstly, the music is at the perfect volume where you’re not literally on top of each other (even though that may fancy some of you) just to get one conversation across. Nor is it too soft where you’re left with dead, plain, awkward silences. Phew, awkwardness averted.

Secondly, the bar is structured in a well-thought ‘U-shape’ where you’re invited in to an intimate space. For someone like me that quite enjoys their own personal space, the distance between each stool is close but not too close to the point where you can smell the whiskey from Uncle Bob’s breath who’s sitting right next to you. And of course, there are the heavenly hooks politely placed underneath the bar to hang your baggage. Who likes clutching onto their coat for dear life whilst trying to elegantly sip a martini?

Now onto the food and drinks.
To start off the night, my cousin and I ordered 2 cocktails:

Jack’s Sidecar
The Witch from Kings Cross

Jack’s Sidecar: Order if you’re a fan of Margaritas, as it tastes very similar to a Margarita apart from it being a tad sweeter.

The Witch from Kings Cross: Love cucumber? Then this is going to be your best friend. Tastes like a mixture between cucumber and alcohol. Very mild taste in alcohol and you probably won’t start feeling the buzz until after 3 of these.

We then ordered a cheeseburger, of course with fries, and my cousin and I were both impressed with the quality of the burger. Truth is, everyone is always a tad sceptical when it comes to bar food, but this cheeseburger proved otherwise with the meat being well cooked, sauce oozing out from both sides and the fries well shaken in chicken salt.
Burger and chips = best drunk food

We then ordered one of the bar’s specialties Chocolate and Strawberry Pie for dessert, as no meal is complete without dessert. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this tasted like a mix breed between a pie and tart. If you’re thinking, ‘eww, that sounds gross’ then wait until you try this delicious baby.

With chunky pieces of chocolate and strawberry mixed together and then balanced out with the crunchy pastry and not to mention the touch of vanilla ice cream; this was absolute perfection. Bar dessert just got serious.

To finish off, we ordered the bar’s most popular cocktail, Kiki’s Hummingbird.

Kiki’s Hummingbird: Beware, this is extremely sour. Yup Ellen, this cocktail is for you.

Like always, nothing makes visiting a new place more enjoyable than the staff serving you. The guys at Jangling Jack’s are easy-going, chill and super friendly to the point where I felt like I was at my friend’s bar. Just a couple of friendly bartenders ready to help you without you having to scream ‘EXCUSE ME’ a thousand times is my ideal kind of bar.

I left the place feeling excited to have found a new local gem of a bar. Only being opened a little over 6 months now, the road for Jangling Jack’s looks very promising.
If I haven’t convinced you enough then I’ll leave it up to the experts to do so.

If you can’t find me, you’ll know where I’ll be.

Jangling Jack's

Jangling Jack's
Jangling Jack's Jangling Jack's

Jangling Jack's

Jangling Jack's

The Skanky Stomach xxx

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Location: 175 Victoria Street, Potts Point, Sydney
When To Go: Tues- Sat / 4-11pm / Sun / 12-11pm (live jazz music on Sunday nights)
Great For: A good ol’ drink, impressing your friends by knowing a good small bar in Potts Point, date night