Hold onto your buns.
A mimick of the famous In-N-Out Burgers have traveled down under to Sydney to create the ultimate pop-up, Down-N-Out.

What’s the first image that pops in your mind when I say LA?
Yes, there is the Hollywood sign. Yes, yes there are a lot celebrities. But what else?
For foodies like myself when you say LA, I immediately think of their In-N-Out Burgers. Because a lot of us don’t have the beautiful luxury of travelling to LA whenever we want to try that mouthwatering burger (who even cares about the 15hour and 30minute plane ride), the news of the pop-up joint, Down-N-Out, got me completely and utterly excited.

Down-N-Out presents burgers, fries and shakes in the style of In-N-Out and is pretty much making a lot of dreams come true. I raced to the Sir John Young Hotel where the pop-up store was located to try it first hand.

As you walk in, you are faced with a long line of eager burger eaters, surrounded by comic book wallpapers and a TV playing comics.

Down-n-out 2  Down-n-out 5

The menu is simple and straight to the point:




You can’t go wrong there, can you? For extra hungry souls, there is the  double patty option and extra bacon. Points for also having a vegetarian option. It’s not easy to find a burger joint that offers you a vegetarian option. I ordered the single burger and my friend ordered the double. We both ordered fries and asked for the extra sauce on the fries (which did cost extra) but was totally worth it.

After we ordered, my friend and I scavenged around the small bar space to find a seat and hungrily waited for our buzzer to turn bright red. The burgers arrived and were presented on a red plastic tray with only forks to eat our fries with. Let’s just say it it got messy really quickly. The burger was a decent size and it was much more filling than it looked. With sauce dripping all in between my fingers and then occasionally reaching out for another fry, I felt like I was in LA.

How would one describe these burgers?
I overheard a gentleman say, ‘these are your solid good burger’. And I couldn’t agree more. Decent in size, a juicy piece of patty in the middle and sauce evenly spread out on the buns, this burger was both filling and delicious. The fries were crispy and crunchy, just like fries should be, and the ‘secret sauce’ which tasted similar to the sauce in a Big Mac, made it addictive. The small pieces of onions scattered in the fries also added another element of texture, which was both surprising and tasty.

Only in town for a month, don’t miss your chance to wrap your hands around these beautiful buns.



Down-n-out 1

The Skanky Stomach xxx

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 Location: Sir John Young Hotel, 557 George Street, Sydney
When To Go: Open all day (yay!)
Great for: Burgers. Just go there if you love burgers